Improving Prospects: Thinking Spring Remodeling Projects

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Portland, ME: While some remodeling projects are just carried out for the satisfaction of completing and then enjoying the benefit of them, homeowners also improve their properties with a view to increasing their value and with an eye on selling one day – be it sooner or later.  And, of course, when they do sell they will be looking to get back the best return on their investment.

Smaller projects that are likely to add most value to homes include wood floors, new lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets with storage and efficiency in mind … oh, and don’t underestimate the impact a fresh coat of paint can contribute on top of all this – although you may want to take some advice on which colors might be best.

Generally, minor kitchen remodeling and bathroom additions have provided the best return when it comes time to sell. But for those who plan to sell up soon it’s recommended they seek the advice of a real estate professional before lifting a hammer or paint brush to ensure their toil and dollars are well spent.

When thinking of selling your home contact us for a consultation on which projects help increase your homes appeal to buyers – a combination of upgrades, fix-ups and some carefully considered staging will all help to maximize the sale price of your property. In the first instance, for more information and to learn more about getting your home ready for market contact Donna Saxby on 207-553-1384 or email

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