So, Just What Do You Get Your Loved One For Valentine’s Day?



Scratching your head as to what to get your nearest and dearest this Valentine’s Day? Something that truly demonstrates the depth of feeling you have for that special person in your life?

Heart shaped cards, super-sized candy, teddy bears and flowers are all presented by the retailers as the obvious options as an answer but, hmmm, are these the best representation of what we are trying to say? Perhaps not.

It’s maybe a ‘world-worn’ phrase but it appears to be nonetheless true: “It’s the thought that counts.” And that’s the advice to bear in mind from those in the know when it comes to matters of the heart on the most romantic date in the calendar.

More specifically make it not just thoughtful but make it memorable and, again, according to the ‘experts’, how much you spend has very little to do with it.

For those still stumped as to what actually to do for their loved one on Tuesday (February 14th) this probably isn’t helping much yet. “Give us more of a clue”, we hear you cry.

Ok, it maybe a major assumption but it appears that perhaps guys struggle the most when it comes to doing something special for their ladies at this time of the year.  So here it is, What women really want on Valentine’s Day  is family and finance columnist Terri Cettina’s insightful and practical advice on solving the dilemma.

Don’t tune out, however, if this isn’t your issue. There’s some great perspective here for anyone looking for some practical inspiration for Valentine’s Day whatever your relationship.

Click through, read on and we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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